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Apart from the coaching sessions, students at CAPA COACHING CENTRE  also spend a significant number of hours practicing their skills and tactics against opponents with varying degrees of experience and excellence. This helps them develop spontaneity, considered one of the best aspects of a talented chess players. Excelling students of the academy regularly participate in chess tournaments recognised at the state as well as the national levels. Capa coaching Centre has been consistent at creating achievers whose outshining performance .

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Playing chess online anytime anywhere and it’s the ability to play with opponents from all over the world with different skill levels across various time zones. 5G & Wireless Technology, Home Hobbies & Self Development, Healthier, Longer and Better Lives Concepts.
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Chess Class Online and Offline


Intermediate course

Intermediate course

This course is specially designed to Intermediate players or experienced

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Beginner course

Beginner course

This course will take you a level further from the Beginners program to Beginners level.

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Learn the Ultra Beginner of chess from Expert chess instructors.

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Happy preschool friends enjoy using an abacus during preschool. The students are wearing school uniforms.



The name Abacus is derived from Latin abax word. Abacus is defined wooden rectangular shape box lined with vertical rods fitted with beads.

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Teenage girl playing game of chess. Smart girl aged 10 is making her move.

Coaching at Centres

Coaching at Centres

Planting the seed to become future chess champions through our training programs. At CAPA COACHING CENTRE, we believe in offering an opportunity

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Two boys playing chess

Chess Courses

Chess Courses

Capa Coaching Centre has been catering to a large number of students under its roof. This establishment, which set its foot in the city in…

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Standoff Chess game

Online Chess Class

Online Chess Class

Customized chess training for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level students. Our coaching is not limited just to online coaching,

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Carrom is most easily described as "finger pool". On a 29" x 29" wooden board, players flick a large weighted disc (the striker) at smaller wooden discs (the carrom-men). The goal is to sink your 9 carrom-men (black or white), as well as the red Queen, in the four corner pockets. The first player or team to accomplish this collects points for the round (commonly called a "board"). A standard game of Carrom continues until one player has 25 points or 8 boards have been completed.

Carrom Coaching

Carrom Coaching

Carrom or Karom is a game that has long been played throughout India and South East Asia but the game has become increasingly popular throughout

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Learn From Best Chess Academy in India

Capa Coaching is a reputed online chess academy that works towards broadening and developing chess as a game and art among young individuals and students.

We happen to be the world’s leading online chess coaching academy that has a strong international presence in 30 plus countries. We have students starting from 4 years of age. When kids learn the game of mind from an early age, it trains them well in the game. Whether you wish to learn chess just for a hobby or wish to pursue a career in the game, our training will train and groom your skills.

Capa coaching

I have many best works In a online Chess Classes

We take pride in being one of the world’s top ranked Online Chess Classes. We are a group of 100+ passionate and professional Chess instructors who are in the field of Chess Coaching for over a decade.

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Expert team

Online Coaching Class

Best features of online chess course at CAPA COACHING CENTRE

Unique Syllabus

CAPA COACHING CENTRE has a syllabus based certified courses. With the help of professional guidance provided at CAPA COACHING CENTRE,one can fine tune strategies and tactics required to play in chess tournament at all levels.

Interactive Online Learning

At CAPA COACHING CENTRE, online lessons help students to improvise their skills from their homes. Live chess coaching with the experts of CAPA COACHING CENTRE our highly experienced trainers make every session interesting as well as interactive.

Flexible Timings

Various batch timings are available at CAPA COACHING CENTRE . One can choose a batch as per his/her convenience.

Learn from the Best

The online course is highly recommended for students who wish to improve their skill set through the medium of chess. This program focuses on improving memory, concentration and calculation skills with proven exercises

Focused Training

CAPA COACHING CENTRE provides focused training in all of types of online courses. These courses help students to understand the class in an easy manner and it also helps to perform well in academics.

Internal Online Class

Online Class need the right guidance along with the practice and dedication. At CAPA COACHING CENTRE, students can have an experience of Online Class frequently. It helps students to boost the level of confidence and interest in Class.

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Our skilled trainers and customized online class experiences provide perfect online and Offline teaching classes

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My son and daughter are going to his classes and we are very happy with his teaching. His way of analysis of the game helps the student to understand their mistakes and play better next time. When it comes to younger students like my daughter, he is very patient and explains multiple times until the student understands.


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When we started we missed quite a few chess classes as my son would not remember coming up from playing and wouldn’t look forward for the sessions as such. Slowly, he started building interest in the sessions. He absolutely loves attending the classes and now is very mindful of not missing a single class unless there is anything urgent.

varshini …

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Good Chess Master
He has been a good teacher to my son,he has really driven the passion into my son and improved his game by leaps and bounds.I really endorse him for any budding chess player.


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My child has been coaching under Capa coaching centre for almost 6 months now and I must say he enjoys his chess class a lot and shown a keen interest in the game of chess. Sir is very patient with kids and coaches them in a wonderful way even in the online mode. Would highly recommend chess classes.


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Hardworking and efficient teacher
My son is learning chess under capa coaching centre for the past one year and i can clearly see the difference in him before and after joining the classes. He finds chess very interesting and all thanks goes to his chess teacher, As teacher he knows how to support and motivate students.

Keerthi …

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Coaching is all about patience, Capa coaching centre started coaching my daughter since she was 5 and he has really put lot of interest in such a young kid to pursue a sport which I haven’t thought she could pick up in small age. Now she is 6.5 and still coaching with him with the same interest and got better at it.

Kiran ….

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